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Pricing--Slip Board Fence

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Slip Board Fence is similar to split rail in construction, except it uses milled 1"x6"x10' boards instead of rails for a more finished appearance.   The boards "slip" into the posts similar to a split rail.  Boards can also be nailed on to the posts (without holes) for a board fence look that you might see on a high end horse farm in Kentucky.

Split Rail Fence Store
Number One in Split Rail Fence

10' boards pressure treated 1" x 6" -----------------------------      $9.00

Line post--3 hole 3" x 6" x 7' pressure treated ------------------  $19.00
End post--3 hole 6" x 6" x 8' pressure treated ------------------  $35.50
Corner post--3 hole 6" x 6" x 8' pressure treated ---------------  $38.50

Slip Board Gates (hinge & latch set included)

48” ---------------------------------------------------------- $115.00
60” ---------------------------------------------------------- $125.00
72" ---------------------------------------------------------- $145.00
Gates can be doubled up for wider openings